I am a graduate of the University of Michigan, an avid hockey fan, and live near Detroit with my wife and two daughters. I have been in recovery from addiction for 21 years, and in this time have run 13 marathons, including Detroit 5 times, Chicago 3 times, the 2010 Boston, and the 2013 New York City Marathon. 

 I am also a licensed professional counselor who has worked for many years as a therapist, but many more years as a writer. My latest releases are MILK-BLOOD and ALL SMOKE RISES and feature heroin addiction in a way that I am confident you have never seen before. A contract for film rights has just been signed.

My first novel, STRAY, is based on experiences working in a treatment center with an animal shelter right next door within barking distance. My second novel,  THE JADE RABBIT, is the story of chinese adoptee who runs marathons to cope with lingering trauma and stress.

My third novel, ON THE LIPS OF CHILDREN,  was published by Books of the Dead Press and has received incredible reviews. I have one piece of non-fiction, based largely on material from previous blog posts, titled: CHASING THE DRAGON: RUNNING TO GET HIGH, also available on Amazon.

This blog is about the reading, writing, and running life, with mass media reviews and thoughts related to addiction sprinkled about from time to time. 

Why "Chasing The Dragon"? 

Chasing the Dragon is the analogy drug users refer to when they are always chasing their next high, looking for it to live up to their experiences from memory but never quite getting there. This chase for this mythical experience persist into eternity. It is certainly something I know quite a bit about. 

Right now, I'm sidelined by a herniated disc, and running is a distant memory. In the meantime, look for random blog posts and reviews while I do what I can to retain my super-powers. 

Contact me at: Xmarkm@gmail.com

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