Tuesday, March 14, 2017

GARDEN OF FIENDS MARCH MADNESS CONTEST! Win a paperback or one of ten kindle copies

It’s MARCH MADNESS. Time to fill out your bracket. And by bracket I mean, “Garden of Fiends” brackets, of course. Here's how you play: Match the authors from the Table of Contents with their story’s first sentence and email to WickedRunPress@gmail.com. Get the most correct and you'll have a paperback delivered to your U.S. doorstep. (see below if you're not from the U.S.)

 If there’s a tie, first one to submit will win the paperback, rest will win a voucher to download Garden of Fiends: Tales of Addiction Horror for FREE the day it is released. In fact, if you're one of the first 10 who submit, regardless of your bracket, you'll win an amazon voucher for a FREE kindle download to your email on release day. Contest closes after 50 entries.

Below is the list of authors on the table of contents, as well as a list of the first sentences of all the stories.

Just match the author number with the corresponding sentence letter. (
For example, one entry might be 1.B  2.F  3.A  4.G  5.C  6.H  7.D  8.E )

Enjoy! Email your answers to: WickedRunPress@gmail.com

Author Number:
1. Kealan Patrick Burke

2. Jessica McHugh

3. Max Booth III

4. Johann Thorsson

5. John FD Taff

6. Glen Krisch

7. Mark Matthews

8. Jack Ketchum

First Sentence Letter

A. Ted was so nervous about that evening's AA meeting that he'd gone out and had a drink or two.

B. The best way to take atlys is to inject it straight into the testicles.

C. Julia tried it for the first time in a party uptown, a party she only went to because her friend, that friend, the one who knows all the cool people, convinced her to come. 

D. Jeremy watched the blood flow out of him, helpless and terrified.

E. "I'm here.”

F. I wake up drowning in a puddle, my lungs filled with rainwater.

G. “Stop listening right now if you don’t want to hear the truth.”

H. Exhausted after hitching for hundreds of miles, Maggie had finally hopped on a Greyhound in Wichita to take her the rest of the way to her long lost father.

**Email your answers to WickedRunPress@gmail.com. Most correct answers wins a paperback, ten more prizes of a voucher for a FREE Kindle download.
(if you're outside of the U.S., you can win but must pay paperback shipping. Sorry.)
(if you are in possession of an advance review copy, you're not eligible.)

Friday, February 24, 2017

GARDEN OF FIENDS PRESALE is NOW! (But read from the Table of Contents TODAY)

So excited to announce that The Presale has begun! Get your copy at a discount.  But who wants to wait for release day? Not me, and not you. 

So Check this promo out:

The first 25 readers who send a receipt confirming a pre-sale purchase of GARDEN OF FIENDS to WickedRunPress@gmail.com will win the kindle book of their choosing written by any author on the GARDEN OF FIENDS table of contents. Yep, don't wait for April, read from the table of contents TODAY.

Lemme break this down:

1. Purchase Garden of Fiends on Amazon presale (currently at a discounted price.)

2. Choose from one the books listed below written by authors appearing on the table of contents

3. Email your Garden of Fiends' purchase receipt along with your choice of one of the books below to WickedRunPress@gmail.com and...

Bamn! If you’re one of the first 25 you’ll receive an amazon voucher right back for a free kindle download of your chosen book.

 (And, pssst... if you're not one of the first 25 who email, I can still promise something extra.)

Here are your choices: 

Jack Ketchum 
The Girl Next Door
Off Season
Peaceable Kingdom
The Woman


Kealan Patrick Burke
Sour Candy
Secret Faces
The Turtle Boy

Jessica McHugh
The Train Derails in Boston
The Green Kangaroos
Rabbits in the Garden

John FD Taff
The Desolated Orchard
I Can Taste the Blood
The End in All Beginnings

Max Booth III

How to Successfully Kidnap Strangers
Lost Signals
American Nightmare

Johann Thorrsson
Not Your Average Monster: Volume 2

Glen Krisch
Where Darkness Dwells
The Hollowed Land
The Nightmare Within

Mark Matthews
All Smoke Rises
Lilly's Tale: The Milk-Blood Trilogy
On the Lips of Children

 (Don't see a book by one of these authors on the list? please inquire within)


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